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This community is for all us punks and freaks who hate this world. This community is basicaly, do whatever the fuck you'd like. I will however kick anyone out for making fun of blink 182. serisously. Sooo anyways about the community...
Post anything you want like...
-porn [lol...im kidding guys.]
-concert dates/tours
-new bands [or even old ones]

And just *please* remember that this is a PUNK and FREAK community so if i hear *anything* about how hott justin timberlake is or how big Britney Spears' boobs are... you can count on me kicking you out. :)

if you have any regards to the way the community looks or you just want to chat... then IM me or e-mail me at...
AIM: KoRnLoSeR14
E-mail: Kornxlinkinpark@linkinpark.com

So have fun! [not to sound korny]

the creator of this kick ass community...

fuck it. fuck the rules. like i care.
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